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Corn Fritters, Soup, and a Tart

Yesterday Victor and Faye returned from their three week vacation in Switzerland. To celebrate we all joined together to enjoy a cheese fondue. I had already made a winter squash soup with fried sage leaves (which triggered the smoke detector, which woke the kids from their nap) as well as the chocolate caramel nut tart which I had been planning to make for the last few days.  One thing that was holding me back was the purchase of a round tart pan, so I headed out to Williams-Sonoma on Saturday and picked one up. However, I also decided it was time for me to buy my first real knife. Since it was my birthday last week and I didn’t get anything, rationalized away the purchase quite easily. It wasn’t the most expensive knife (under $100 on sale) but it is one that I will be taking very good care of. 

The tart turned out fairly well, everyone said it was photograph worthy, but I am still unsure of how to take good pictures of food in low light conditions, so I didn’t even try. I am thinking about buying a new lens and a flash so that I can achieve (in time) the quality of smitten kitchen or vegan yum yum


CSA items used: 4 ears corn, onions.


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