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Wrap up of the week

We did a fairly good job this week of eating through the share. However, there is currently a glut of peppers in the fridge right now, some hot, some not. But I have to come up with something for them this weekend. Talking with a few folks from the farm yesterday I’ve decided to attempt a green sauce. It was supposed to be easy to find on epicurious, but alas I didn’t see it, so I may have to wing it (with a little help from Deborah Madison). I definitely want to start sharing my recipes too, well not my recipes exactly, but at least let you know where they are from and how I liked them…

Therefore, the onion galette I made a week ago was from Deborah Madison’s Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone. I made the galette dough from scratch (not too hard) and them made the mustard cream and onion “filling”. I want to have pictures too, soon….

The chocolate caramel nut tart was from a library book…The New Vegetarian Epicure by Anna Thomas. When I have a moment, I will write out the recipes…


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  Angie wrote @

Hey there Elizabeth, I thoroughly enjoy reading this blog. It really makes me think about my food and choices. I’m certainly not where you are yet, but hope to get closer. It’s a little more difficult getting all the fresh produce here in Michigan but I can at least try. Good luck to you and keep them coming, I love your writing style. Hey, just a suggestion although I know it takes lots of time (which you have with 4 year old and 1 one year old) display your favorite recipes. Please? Pretty please?

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