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Dinner with Friends

I had grand plans for dinner last night, however because of the nap schedule I wasn’t able to get to the store to buy a few of the key items (a 10 inch tart pan among them). And our friends weren’t sure they would make it, and it was to be a late dinner (for us that means anything after 6:30). So, I made a simple onion galette with mustard cream and an arugula salad with dressing made from walnut oil, yogurt and vinegar. I’ve been hoarding a bottle of walnut oil from a farm nearby and I finally realized that if I didn’t use it it would eventually go rancid. 

In the end our friends did come, remarking that they could smell the tart all the way down the street. It was quite good and Nora enjoyed eating dinner with the adults while in her pajamas! While preparing the meal I thought to myself that it would be a good exercise to prepare every dinner as if we were having friends over, especially on the weekend. It makes you crack that bottle of wine and use the cloth napkins…


CSA items used: onions, arugula.

Oh, and Alec made pesto from all the basil, which we froze.

Eaten straight: tomatoes, figs, and strawberries


Dinner at Epiphany Restaurant

Last night I met a friend for dinner and drinks after my day at the Farm. I’ve never been to Epiphany Restaurant but I’ve always wanted to try it. We met at the bar, which is in a separate part of the restaurant. I didn’t get a good look at the dinning room, but the bar was very nice. Even better was the outdoor seating just off the bar. The space is very intimate, though pretty close to the kitchen, it has long red curtains separating the tables, a bench seat with pillows along one wall and the nicest string of lights I’ve ever seen, they looked like little glass lanterns. The bar menu was fairly impressive offering not only the standard hamburger, fries, and mac and cheese, but also pulled pork sliders, duck breast pizza, and crispy wontons with a lemon ginger cream. There were also some nice salads on offer and even a couple of raw bar options. Unfortunately for my dinner companion they were out of the coveted hamburger, sliders, and pizza, seemed odd for a weeknight at 7:30, still she was pleased with her rib eye steak. We shared a very nice bibb lettuce salad with blue cheese dressing and julienned apples and she also had a bowl of soup, all quite good. As a vegetarian I made due with the wontons, not bad either. The service however was not great. Our server was very nice, but the kitchen lost our ticket after the apps were brought out and we had to ask for our entrees. After two rounds of perfectly nice cocktails we needed something in our stomachs! The dessert was not at all good: creme brulee that was to heavily spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg and custard that was soupy…Despite this experience I will certainly try this place again and all in all it was a wonderful evening sitting outside sharing conversation with a friend. 


CSA Vegetables used: 0

CSA Distribution Day

Today I will be heading to Fairview Gardens to volunteer in exchange for my CSA share. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, which basically means that you agree to purchase a share of the farm’s crops for the season and pay upfront (though our farm also offers the option of installments). This helps the farm by giving them the capital and commitment at the beginning of the planting season, so they can buy seeds and prepare the fields. It is beneficial to the consumer because they get their food locally and are able to opt-out of the industrial agriculture model. Personally, I wanted to join the CSA so that I could branch out in my cooking. For example, I would probably never buy Swiss chard at the farmer’s market, but when I receive it as part of the share I am forced to try something new, something healthy, and something very tasty, actually!

At today’s distribution I will be answering questions and keeping the tables stocked as we have each member pack their own share up. They come out to the farm to get their share, which creates a closer relationship between the members and the farm. I’m not sure what will be in this week’s share, but I will start to post each week’s share as I get them. My biggest challenge all week is to use up what we get in each share before the next one comes. This often means that I will choose to eat at home instead of picking up something quick or eating out. I’ve tried a lot of new recipes too! I hope to become better at photographing the veggies and the dishes they become.

Food is more than what we eat

Redefining one’s relationship with food: am I just one more person how is doing that right now? Even though it seems that way, I wonder if it is just that I am more aware of it right now. Sorta like when you learn a new word and suddenly you hear it everywhere. Most people like to eat, I know I do, but do they like food? Real food. What is “real food”? This is what I am beginning to re-define in view of all the information about industrial agriculture, chemical foods, and the political implications of what I choose to eat. But not only what I choose to eat, but what my family chooses to eat. Raising two children to make sound choices, not only in regards to health, but also in regards to the environment, that is my goal. Oh yeah, and to make understanding and cooking food a part of their vernacular. That’s the project. This blog will track of the path I take.